Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Day 7/8 New York City...Our 10 Year Anniversary trip (June 11-12)

The next morning we woke early and Loretta drove us to the metro so we could get on the bus.  The bus ride up was long but peaceful and we enjoyed resting and looking around.  We got into NYC around 1230 in midtown.  We got something to eat and started to walk to the empire state building...we wanted to see lots so we walked a lot.  We went to Grand central station, which was fun cause of all the movies we have seen with the grand central station with it in it, and also saw the Chrysler building.  Then we stopped at the New York Library that was really beautifully made.  Then we walked around and saw lots of fun things, and had to of course stop at the LOVE statue.

We rented bikes and rode around central park which was really a lot of fun! Then we headed to FOA Schwarz toy store and the best part was playing on the big piano!  Then we headed to find the Wicked or the Gershwin theater.  We were very thankful for our phones and having gps... but it didn't always get us right to the right spot.  We finally found the theater with Kirsti's help.  One of the biggest reasons we wanted to go to NYC for our 10th Anniversary was we wanted to see Wicked.  We talked to my cousin Nicki and my friend Kirsti and they said that doing the lottery was the way to go.  I talked to Dave and we decided to try cause of the price and they sounded convincing.  I was praying all week asking if there was anyway we could get tickets.  I wanted to see it so bad.  So we got there and found out they only 26 tickets but most everyone was asking for two tickets so there was really only 13 people getting tickets and there were about 200 people trying to get tickets.  We started to get nervous and looked to see if there was any tickets to still buy and they were of course sold out!  I just told Dave we have to be positive cause he said that he wasn't ever lucky with drawing or anything.  I just kept praying...our friend Kirsti came last minute to put her name in for the drawing to increase our odds.  Well... the time came and the guy started reading the names and then they read Dave's name...it jumped up and down and started to cry I was so happy.  It was a tender mercy!!!  Dave got in line to claim the ticket with his money of 60 dollars and license.  We were all so happy and giddy!!  We couldn't believe it we were going to see Wicked!  We were going to WICKED on BROADWAY!  I told Dave it was a tender mercy and he said no that was a miracle!  It was defiantly work of his hand in our lives...we headed over to this place that was suppose to have amazing cheesecake that Carter told us about.  We enjoyed dinner with Kirsti and talking about life.  It was so good to caught up with wonderful friends!  Then we hurried back to the show.  We were in the back but it was AMAZING... simply amazing!  The music now makes since and now we now the story line.  I would love to see it again!  We smile, and clapped and just enjoyed the entire show!  It made the trip TOTALLY worth it!  Then we took the subway to Brooklyn, and caught a train at Time Square.  We got off at the wrong stop in Brooklyn so we just walked another 1.5 miles to Kirsti's place.  It was so kind of Kirsti and Wil to let us crash for the night (but of course Kirsti said we could stay longer if we wanted and we wish we could of...we had so much more to talk about).  We didn't end up getting there till 1 am. 

The that night Kirsti asked us our plans for the next day and we had a reservation for this amazing breakfast place but it was very early...we decided to sleep in and Kirsti got them amazing pastries instead.  The bottom chocolate crostini's were SO SO good and we just loved it.  And were totally fine sleeping in.  We finally got going and headed to the Statue of Liberty and took a boat to the Island and listened to a guided tour.  It was really fun! Then we walked up to 9/11 memorial and to Brooklyn bridge.  We then walked across the bridge and had NYC style pizza that was very very good!  Then our time had ended so we took the subway close to were our bus was going to pick us up.  Which we waited too long (2 hours).  But we finally made it back to DC!!  And my Uncle Dave picked us up late and we crashed on there couch!  It was a fast but fun trip and lots of memories made!!  So glad we went!  Happy 10 years my LOVE!